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If you like beer, you should love trees.

OktoberForest If you like beer, you should love forests © iStock

When you look at your beer or cocktail, do you picture the forests that helped make it? No? Well, we're hoping to change that. Did you know 50% of our nation’s water is filtered by forests? That 95% of beer is water? Or that beverage manufacturing virtually always involves water-intensive processes?

Do the math: if you beverages like beer, you should love forests.

Much of the water for your favorite New Jersey craft brew, spirit or hard cider comes from local rivers, streams and aquifers, and forests play a crucial role in keeping those waterways healthy. The Nature Conservancy is working hard to protect and restore critical forests and water resources in New Jersey. In fact, we’ve already helped conserve more than 58,000 acres across the state.

Meet our OktoberForest partners, join us for a celebration of local beverages and forests and learn more about you can help protect nature. 

Flying Fish Brewing Co.

Flying Fish Brewing It’s not an obvious connection: beer and forests. But, we hope the next time you enjoy a pint, you give a nod to the trees.

Ironbound Hard Cider

Ironbound Hard Cider Clean water means healthy apple trees.

OktoberForest Hike + Happy Hour with Ironbound Hard Cider

On October 5th, join us one a two-mile hike through the fields and forests of Milford Bluffs Preserve with Nature Conservancy guides, with opportunities to see dramatic sweeping views of the Delaware River from above. Learn how forests adjacent to resources like rivers, streams and aquifers are critical for maintaining water quality for drinking and beverage production. After the hike we will caravan 15 minutes away to Ironbound Cider in Asbury for an OktoberForest celebration including food, drink, TREE-via with great prizes, and a talk from Ironbound Cider owner Charles Rosen. 

$30 all inclusive, 11am to 3 pm

Sourland Mountain Spirits

Sourland Mountain Spirits Healthy Forests + Clean Water = Great Spirits

OktoberForest Hike & Happy Hour in the Sourlands

On October 12th, come explore the serenity of the Sourland Mountain Preserve with Nature Conservancy guides on this easy hike. Learn about the site’s unique ecology on this moderate hike, including forested trails and interesting boulder formations, and how this largest contiguous forest in central New Jersey plays a critical role in protecting fresh water for drinking and beverage production. 

Then join us about ten minutes away by car for a tour and tasting at  Sourland Mountain SpiritsNew Jersey’s first farm distillery since Prohibition. Afterwards we’ll walk across the parking lot to Brick Farm Tavern for an OktoberForest happy hour. Enjoy farm-to-table appetizers and signature cocktails, learn about The Nature Conservancy and how New Jersey’s forests are critical to distillery operations, try your hand at “TREE-via” for great prizes and take home a swag bag of goodies.

$30 all inclusive. Hike from 11:30 am to 1 pm; OktoberForest celebration at Sourland Mountain Spirits and Brick Farm Tavern in Hopewell from 1:15 pm to 3 pm

Angry Erik

Jason's Woods Hike

Take a hike in Jason’s woods on Saturday, October 19th! Join Nature Conservancy experts for a flat walk through Blair Creek Preserve, adjacent to the famous Camp Crystal Lake filming site. We will explore the “spooky sounds” of various wildlife species that make their home in this New Jersey forest and wetland. We are offering two options:

For Day Dreamers: Meet at 2:30 pm at Blair Creek Preserve. Walk an easy trail around the wetland while exploring the spooky sounds of various wildlife species that make their home in this New Jersey forest, then join us at Angry Erik brewing for our OktoberForest celebration. 

For Night Owls: Meet at 5:30 pm at Angry Erik brewing for our OktoberForest celebration, followed by a caravan to Blair Creek for all of the above, but in the DARK. We'll provide the flashlights, plus we'll take extra time to investigate naturally-occurring UV fluorescence in the forest using black light. 

The event room at Angry Erik is all ours for the OktoberForest happy hour from 5:30 to 7:30, with tasty food, along with beverages from Angry Erik, Learn about The Nature Conservancy and how New Jersey's forests enable the production of good local beer, try your hand at "TREE-via" for great prizes and take home a swag bag of goodies.

$30 all inclusive. 

If you like beer, you should love forests.

Beer is 95% water. And 40% of the world’s usable water comes from forests. Help protect beer’s main ingredient. Help us plant one billion trees!