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Choose Nature at the Checkout

Support good eating, and save nature too!

Food. It’s one of the most basic choices you make every single day. And these days, what you eat matters. Your choices at the supermarket say a lot about you as a person. They reveal your lifestyle and your health habits. And they also show what you value.

At The Nature Conservancy, we value keeping Montana’s grasslands and prairies healthy for the next generation. That’s why we’re making a food choice that says something about who we are.

YGB partners with The Nature Conservancy Yellowstone Grassfed Beef partnered with TNC to introduce a new look for its line of premium beef jerky products. Through this partnership, we work together for healthier grasslands that make a positive impact on the beautiful Montana landscape as well as the overall climate.

TNC is proud to partner with Yellowstone Grassfed Beef (YGB) and their premium beef jerky, created from cows raised on 30,000 acres of Montana’s native grasslands. Sourced from the J Bar L and Two Dot Ranches, this beef isn’t just free of hormones and antibiotics, it also is humanely raised in a manner that protects the land and local wildlife. Unlike most grassfed beef, these animals have never spent time on a feedlot, meaning they have been treated with a level of respect and integrity that is generally unheard of in the modern “scaled’ food system. The YGB ranchers are families who make their living on the land by caring for their cattle in harmony with wildlife and the habitat they need to thrive. These ranchers manage their property and their herds in a way that shares the range with Montana’s iconic wildlife and provide viable habitat for deer, pronghorn, songbirds and other animals.

Hay bales at the Matador Ranch.
Matador Ranch Hay bales at the Matador Ranch. © Ami Vitale

In Montana, the greatest threat to native prairie has been “sod busting” or conversion to cropland. Over the last 25 years, more than 25 million acres of grassland has been destroyed in the U.S.—that’s twice the rate of forest loss and faster than the Amazon rainforest is disappearing.

TNC’s goal is to conserve grasslands in Montana through direct land protection and partnership with the local ranching community. We are investing in science-based solutions, employing the best conservation tools, engaging those who live in the grasslands and permanently conserving areas vulnerable to habitat destruction through the purchase of conservation easements.

TNC’s work with YGB builds on our decades of partnership with ranchers. Crucial stewards of Montana’s vast private lands, ranchers can help keep prairies intact and thriving. Through voluntary conservation easements and innovative approaches such as grassbanking at our Matador Ranch, TNC helps ranchers run healthy and environmentally-friendly operations that also make ends meet.

We all have choices to make. Ranchers. Conservation groups. And you. Let’s choose a Montana where nature and people thrive. YGB Jerky is good for you, good for the cows and good for nature.