Cowboys riding on horses with a mountain landscape and blue skies behind them.
Ranchers Ride Montana Range Ranchers riding across green pasture on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front. © Steven Gnam

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Conserving Montana’s True Nature

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Snowcapped peaks rising from verdant forests. The quick glimpse of a grizzly mother shepherding her cub. A rancher riding the range. The riffle of a mountain stream with a hand-tied fly riding the current. Prairie grasses undulating beneath an enormous sky. Montana is all of that and more.

But we cannot take these things for granted. The world is changing at a dizzying pace. Climate change and unbridled development are threatening the natural bounty that feeds both our souls and our economy. We must seize this window of opportunity to make a difference for the fate of Montana’s lands and waters and the people and wildlife that depend on them. 

More Montana is our commitment to conserving Montana’s true nature. 

Double Your Impact!

A generous group of donors has created a $500,000 fund that will match gifts of $10,000 or more to our More Montana campaign. This is a fantastic way to double the power your contribution toward conserving and restoring Montana’s forests, grasslands and freshwater. But you must act by the end of June to take advantage of this opportunity. Email Alison James or phone 406-202-0201.

Our future needs More Montana.

Since 1978, The Nature Conservancy has been dedicated to meeting Montana’s conservation challenges. We think big. We work creatively. We are in it for the long haul. With our community-based, collaborative approach, scientific expertise, global experience, and innovative know-how, TNC is uniquely positioned to lead the way on conservation for the 21st century.

The Nature Conservancy in Montana invites you to join our More Montana campaign. We need you to step up to help ensure Montana’s future includes resilient forests, vast grasslands, and clean, clear rivers. We can’t do it alone. You must be part of the team!

Every donation, whatever the size, matters. Conservation at the scale needed to meet the challenges we are facing doesn’t come cheap. Fortunately, TNC has an excellent track record of leveraging private gifts like yours with those of other like-minded donors, foundations, and public grants. Whatever you can donate, your gift will make a difference.

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  • Tackling issues as big as climate change will take change in policy from the local to the global level. Speak up for nature! Reach out to the people with the power to make those changes.
  • Spread the word to friends and family. Even in divisive times, nature can provide the common ground for conversation. We all depend on nature, but nature also depends on us.
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