Fall leaves on mossy forest floor at North Lake Huron in Michigan, United States, North America.
WOPA050928_D143 Fall leaves on mossy forest floor at North Lake Huron in Michigan, United States, North America. © © Harold E. Malde

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Q&A with Shorts Brewing's Tyler Glaze

Celebrating OktoberForest in Michigan

Tyler Glaze
OktoberForest MI Shorts Glaze Tyler Glaze © Shorts Brewing Co.

Short’s Brewing Takes a Long View of Conservation

Brewmaster Tyler Glaze began his career by studying as a microbiology and biochemistry at California Polytechnic State University where he escaped before graduation to explore the United States and try all of its beer. By sheer luck, Tyler landed in a seat at Short’s Brewing Company Pub in Bellaire and was hired for a summer internship. While working at Short’s, he attended the prestigious University of California’s Master Brewer’s Program before receiving his diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, London, U.K. Today, Tyler lives in Traverse City with a large fridge full of Huma Lupa Licious.

nature.org: What do you think people know about the connection of forests to water to beer?

Tyler Glaze: Not a lot. 

nature.org: How does water impact your beer?

Tyler: No water = No beer. Water is a critical ingredient in beer production. Without quality water, our beer will not taste great, guaranteed. We also treat or pay to treat all the water we pull out of our well before it goes to the city. Thankfully our water tastes great and there is a lot of it. 

nature.org: What other local crops or resources do you use?

Tyler: Some barley to be turned to malt from local farmers if it is of good quality and we had a dry season. 

  • Some hops from local farms when the price is right.
  • Cardboard, 6-packs, and labels from Michigan companies. 
  • CO2 from Michigan companies/production facilities.
  • We occasionally use yeast from Craft Cultures in the UP.
  • Lemonade and tonic from Northwoods Soda.
  • Barrels from local distilleries like Two James, TC Whiskey Co.
  • Coffee from Higher Grounds in Traverse City.
  • The majority of our malted barley comes from Manitowoc, WI right across the lake.

nature.org: How is this issue personal to you? 

Tyler: I'm all about reforestation. Put those trees back in the ground where they belong! A lot of cool and tasty critters hang out in forests. Protecting and conserving forests is very important to me. 


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