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Founders Finds Forests and Freshwater in Beer

An interview with Founders' Dave Engbers about healthy forests, clean water and beer.

Founders Brewing

TNC: What do you think people know about the connection of forests to water to beer?

Dave: We are all connected. Water is life and the importance of respecting and protecting our natural resources should be a top priority for everyone.

TNC: How does water impact your beer?

Dave: We are surrounded by 20% of the world’s fresh surface water in the Great Lakes Watershed. Water isn’t just something we get from a faucet, it’s part of our lives and our culture. You can’t make great beer without great water.

TNC: What other local crops or resources do you use?

Dave: We source ingredients from farmers and suppliers near and far. Often times we have great sources for honey, coffee roasters and fruit farmers a short drive from the brewery. The vast majority of our hops come from our friends in the Yakima Valley where they have been growing hops for multiple generations. We are building relationship and truly impressed by a number of local hop farmers who we have worked with exclusively for our wet-hopped, Harvest Ale which is great to see a positive impact on our local community

TNC: How is this issue personal to you?

Dave: This issue is personal to me because I love the outdoors! If someone has visited our state without experiencing one of our Great Lakes, they really haven’t experienced Michigan. I try to spend as much time as possible exploring everything our beautiful our state has to offer. Additionally, Michigan’s largest natural resource is water and I feel like it’s up to all of us to protect it.

TNC: Anything else you’d like to say?

Dave: Thank you for all the work you do in protecting our natural resources and keeping our wild places wild. The future generations depend on our work – we’re so appreciative.


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