A yellow bird rests among yellow flowers.
Tennessee Warbler The population of this small bird goes up and down depending upon availability of its favorite snack--the budworm. © Creative Commons/Brian Plunkett

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Kentucky's Springtime Birds

With migration in full swing, it's time to get out and go bird watching.

No matter what the season, there are always interesting birds to see at The Nature Conservancy's Kentucky nature preserves. In fact, birds move through Kentucky all year long. Some change habitats within state borders; others stop by during spring and fall as part of long journeys between breeding grounds and warmer climates.

In springtime Kentucky’s forests, grasslands, streams and prairies harbor an array of birds, especially spectacular populations of warblers. Here are a few favorites you might see during springtime at one of our Kentucky nature preserves or state Wildlife Management Areas--places where we are working with partners to protect and manage habitats for avian visitors. 

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