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Payette Brewing Salutes Healthy Forests

A Q&A with Payette's Mike Francis about forests, water and beer.

Payette Brewing Co.

We're glad that Payette Brewing Company is partnering with The Nature Conservancy's OktoberForest campaign, celebrating the connection between healthy forests, clean water and great beer. We sat down with Payette's Mike Francis to ask him more about this great connection.

Why do healthy forests matter to brewers like you?

Mike Francis:
Healthy forests mean so much to us at Payette Brewing. Not only do we appreciate nature's beauty and everything it offers for our lifestyles, it also comes down to our product. If our beautiful state doesn't have healthy forests, animals are in danger as well as our water supply. No water means no beer. Water is an incredibly important resource in the brewing process.

How does clean water correlate with quality beer? How is water significant to the process?

Mike Francis:
Water is a key factor in beer. If we don't have quality water, we don't have quality beer. We are careful in making sure the water we use is clean and can produce a consistent product. The quality of water is just as important as our grain and hops. Not only that, water is needed throughout the entire process and an essential ingredient in beer.

What is your connection to Idaho? Why is the state important to us?

Mike Francis:
Payette Brewing owner, Mike Francis, is a Boise native. He grew up skiing, hiking, kayaking and camping in Idaho, so he knew it was exactly where he wanted to start the brewery. We chose the name Payette because it fits the way we live and work. Francois Payette was a French Canadian trapper whose name and memory is enshrined among numerous Idaho landmarks. The name has since become synonymous with an adventurous spirit that pervades Idaho's year-round outdoor lifestyle.


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