Companies We Work With

Patagonia, Inc.

Patagonia, Inc. supports the Conservancy’s work in the Patagonia grassland conservation project.

Sheep ranching is one of the main economic activities in the Patagonia region. In a recent study, 70 percent of land in Patagonia suffers from some degree of erosion or desertification - of which, more than 30 percent has already been heavily degraded from its natural condition With that, it is no surprise that The Nature Conservancy is working to protects these vital lands. The Conservancy is working with local farmers to combat the intense desertification problems by introducing a new farming protocol that mimics natural grazing patterns for wildlife. Rather than grazing sheep in one place continually, the sheep are moved in and out of different pastures depending on the conditions of the grasses, which encourages more diversity of native grass species and more ground coverage. When flock sizes, lands and streams are properly managed, then ranchers, sheep, native plants and animals can all thrive together.

In 2013, Patagonia Inc. supported the Conservancy’s work in the Patagonia grassland conservation project. Patagonia’s $50,000 sponsorship was funneled toward grasslands regeneration projects, covering the costs of educational events in the Patagonia region, such as teaching farmers sustainable grazing practices and how to measure the health of their land.