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Neutrogena® Naturals

Conserving Freshwater

Neutrogena® Naturals is working with the Conservancy to help educate and encourage people to reduce water usage by taking small steps in their everyday lives, such as reducing the water used while cleansing your face.

Freshwater is a priority initiative for The Nature Conservancy. Most people get their water from rivers and lakes, including the vast majority of the world's poorest people. Yet, many of our most important rivers - water sources for hundreds of millions of people - are seriously depleted or polluted. The Conservancy is protecting forests and grasslands which act as important water filters, and restoring floodplains that act as sponges and redirect water into our groundwater - helping to secure drinking water for years to come.


Neutrogena® Naturals started supporting the Conservancy's U.S. freshwater programs in 2012. In addition to financial support, Neutrogena® Naturals employees and Brand Ambassador Kristen Bell volunteered their time to help restore the coastal wetlands at Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve. The wetlands act as a filter to help clean water and as a sponge to help buffer the local community from flooding. Learn more about how the Conservancy and Neutrogena® Naturals are helping to protect freshwater and how you can join in the effort to conserve water: