Working with Companies


Lowe’s has supported the Conservancy’s work since 2005, contributing funds that help advance environmental youth engagement programs, improve local communities and protect and restore important freshwater and forest land across North America.  

Lowe's cornerstone commitment is to educate, inspire, and empower the next generation of conservation leaders. To advance their commitment, they are supporting the Conservancy's youth engagement programs and setting the stage for increased learning, leadership and volunteer service projects across the U.S.  As the primary supporter of these programs, Lowe’s helps fund:

  • grants to schools to build or revitalize school gardens and implement natural solutions in urban communities
  • virtual field trips and online curriculum for teachers and students
  • internships for high school and college students from cities across the U.S

Through this partnership, over 3M students have gained environmental knowledge through the Conservancy’s digital curriculum, over 430K students learned about global conservation strategies through virtual field trips and over 700 students gained paid conservation work though the Conservancy’s internship program.

To learn more about the Conservancy’s youth engagement programs that are supported by Lowe’s, please see our links below.