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Bank of America

For over 20 years, Bank of America has been connected to The Nature Conservancy’s work to improve global conservation and has contributed over $18 million to our projects.

As part of their recent support, The Bank of America® Charitable Foundation dedicated a $1 million pledge to fund The Nature Conservancy’s forest carbon initiative ($500,000) and Great Rivers Project ($500,000). The Nature Conservancy has set itself an ambitious goal to cut global deforestation in half by 2020 in order to aid in the reduction of global carbon pollution. Tropical forest countries like Brazil and Indonesia contribute to about half of global deforestation. This project could reduce the impact of these practices as well as serve as a model for future projects at a larger scale. One aspect that the Great Rivers Project focuses on is reducing the stresses of climate change on the great rivers around the world. In less than two decades, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed regions. This project will aim to facilitate sustainable management of these rivers for a thriving ecosystem and economy.



Forests are home to nearly half of the world’s plants and animals and are a major source of food, medicine, water and fuel. Bank of America’s contribution has funded the São Félix do Xingu Pilot Program, which partners with local farmers, communities, and governments to:

  • Reduce annual deforestation
  • Improve land management for environmental and financial sustainability
  • Change the dynamics of beef production so that it requires less land usage 

The Berau Forest Carbon Program (BFCP) in Indonesia addresses the major impact of carbon pollution by aiming to reduce carbon emissions in the district by 10 million tons. This program also focuses on palm oil plantations, which put huge amounts of stress on neighboring forests. The BFCP intends to work with timber operators to apply less damaging logging methods. In partnership with district, provincial and national governments and other stakeholders, this program will deliver positive impacts to the health of the region’s land, watersheds, and economy.



Our Great Rivers provide water, food, energy, jobs and recreation to some 65 percent of the world’s people, as well as habitat for plants and animals. Due to Bank of America’s generosity, The Nature Conservancy is able to work on various Great River basins, particularly in North America (Colorado and Mississippi Rivers) and Africa (Ogooué and Niger Rivers). The Nature Conservancy and Bank of America are working together to build partnerships and strategies with stakeholders, focus on sustainable hydropower/infrastructure development, and overall best practices around these vital river basins. 

At the same time, Bank of America has made helping to support The Nature Conservancy easier than ever with The Nature Conservancy credit and checking accounts. When you make purchases with your credit card, Bank of America makes a contribution to The Nature Conservancy. Thanks to Bank of America customers, these card programs have generated more than $16 million in financial support for The Nature Conservancy. Click here to read more. 

Bank of America is also a member of the Conservancy's Business Council.

For a full report on the Conservancy’s work with Bank of America, read the corporate case study about our results.


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