Conservation Easements

Private Lands

Easements keep land in private hands and preserve traditional land uses.

Conservation Easements Keep Land in Private Hands, Preserve Traditional Land Uses and Protect Land for Future Generations

Easements protect land for future generations while allowing landowners to retain many private property rights and to live on and use their land as they have traditionally. At the same time, easements offer landowners potential tax benefits if donated, or revenue from the sale of an easement.

Benefits of conservation easements for landowners:

  • Land remains privately owned; ownership rights stay in place
  • Landowners can live on the land
  • Agricultural traditions and land uses maintained
  • Land protected from subdivision
  • Tax benefits help keep land intact and in the family
  • Land protected beyond their lifetimes
  • Landowners can fulfill their vision for the future of their land and waters
  • Options for children and grandchildren to farm and ranch preserved
  • Ecological and scenic values preserved
  • Tax savings and sales proceeds can boost agricultural operations
  • Easement agreement remains with the property, even if the land is sold
  • Easement terms individually tailored to meet landowners’ needs