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For decades, The Nature Conservancy has recognized that the private sector plays an important role in advancing our conservation mission. Businesses around the globe can, and do, have significant impacts on our climate and on the lands and waters that people and nature rely on for survival. For this reason, around the world, we are pursuing strategies to help companies ease their environmental footprints by reducing carbon emissions, properly valuing nature and the services it provides, and investing in protecting and restoring the natural systems that sustain us all.

Consistent with this approach, the Conservancy utilizes a number of professional external investment managers to create and manage its investment portfolio, targeting a prudent balance between risk and return. The Conservancy actively encourages investment managers to consider using environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) criteria in the investment decision-making process. The Conservancy selects highly capable and proven investment managers willing and able to manage a portfolio within a specific asset class, and consistent with our mission. Specifically, we strive to employ managers who use ESG criteria to make investment decisions to direct investment dollars toward companies ranking positively on sustainability measures. Additionally, the Conservancy excludes certain investment opportunities from the investment portfolio when deemed inconsistent with its mission.

The Conservancy believes that the prudent management of environmental issues is a potential source of creating value for investors. In general, companies that are successful in avoiding environmental risks, and also at identifying and capitalizing on sustainability opportunities, should reap economic benefits over time. Therefore, we believe the above approach is consistent with our fiduciary requirements to prudently manage risk and return, while also paralleling our conservation mission and our support of sustainability-minded corporations. 


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