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Ethics and Compliance

The Conservancy ensures it will operate in compliance with our highest corporate value.

Conflict of Interest Policy

It is the policy of the Conservancy to identify conflicts of interest involving Covered Persons (as defined in the Conflict of Interest Standard Operating Procedure) as well as situations that may give rise to an appearance of a conflict of interest and to address such conflicts and situations in a manner that fully protects the integrity and reputation of the Conservancy. 

The purchase or sale of real estate (or any interest therein) from or to any Related Party is specifically prohibited. For this purpose, a “Related Party” includes

  1. Any individual who is, or was at any time during the 12-month period ending on the date of the purchase or sale, a member of the Board of Directors, a Trustee, or an employee of the Conservancy;
  2. Any individual who is a close relative of such an individual; or
  3. An entity in which the individual owns and/or his close relatives own directly or indirectly more than five percent of the equity interest therein.

To assure and ensure that the Conservancy will live up to its high fiduciary obligations and operate in compliance with our highest corporate value: “Integrity Beyond Reproach.”


Approved by the Board of Directors June, 1995. Revised March 15, 1996, October 2, 2002, and March 12, 2004. Revised to incorporate the former "Sales To or From Related Parties Policy" (approved on June 13, 2003) and approved on January 30, 2009.