Voices of Alumni: Princess Serrano

After LEAF, Princess fell in the love with the outdoors and began blazing a career path in conservation.

Princess Serrano grew-up in Brooklyn with seven brothers and sisters. While attending the Brooklyn Academy for Science and the Environment, a teacher made her aware of the Conservancy’s LEAF program. Princess, who had never left Brooklyn “except to go to Manhattan once,” applied and was accepted. The rest is history. She fell in the love with the outdoors and began blazing a career path in conservation. She also began educating her family and friends, who knew very little about “going green,” on the importance of the environment.

After completing the LEAF program for three consecutive years, Princess came to work for the Conservancy in Maine in 2009 on the spectacular Saco River, where she has worked for the past two summers conducting public outreach to visitors.

In 2009, Princess was accepted to Bethany College as a Communications major, and she hopes to pursue a career in marketing and public relations for environmental organizations. Just one year earlier, her mother, who had never attended college, began pursuing her degree in social work at New Rochelle College. The two now study together.

Princess’ experience hasn’t just broadened her own horizons. She constantly “annoys” her friends back home in Brooklyn and at college about littering and has made them more environmentally conscious – “even if they don’t realize it.” She got her little brother, 17, interested in bird watching and another of her brothers, 14, involved in gardening.

“They all eat it up” Princess says, “because I’m the older sister, and I’m the friend, who is doing things and going places.”