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How Many Bathtubs of Water Do You Use Daily?

Science Features: How Does Your Water Consumption Measure Up to the World's?

Imagine living on less than a bathtub of water for all your daily needs: drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes…and everything else.

By 2050, more than 1 billion city dwellers may be doing just that if we don’t build new infrastructure or begin new water conservation efforts, according to a new study by scientists at The Nature Conservancy and other institutions.

And more than 3 billion may suffer similar water shortages at least one month of every year, says the report. The shortages are projected to hit megacities on every continent, from Manila to Johannesburg to Mumbai.

The minimum amount of water the study assumes every person needs daily is miniscule: Less than 26 gallons — about 2/3 of a bathtub — for all a person’s daily needs. (The average U.S. resident uses 2-5 times that much.)

How much do US residents use? Check out the graphic above...and then find out why there's still time to head off this looming human tragedy...if we use water smartly and turn to natural solutions as well as infrastructure.

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