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The Nature Conservancy Science Council

The Conservancy’s Board membership includes several highly regarded scientists.

The Nature Conservancy uses a science-based conservation approach to achieve our mission. As such, the Conservancy relies on insights and knowledge from the world of science to make our conservation work more effective. To ensure that The Nature Conservancy’s Board of Directors has access to good scientific advice, the Board membership includes several highly regarded scientists. In addition, to strengthen our ties to academic and public agency scientists globally, in September of 2005 the Board created the Science Council.

Since 2005, the Science Council has included Board scientists as well as other external experts from diverse disciplines, perspectives, experiences, and geographies. Their expertise has included marine conservation, ecology, economics, U.S. federal conservation policy, global climate change, and ecological genetics, among other research topics.

The creation of and continued support for the Science Council reflects the desire of the Board and Conservancy leadership to have access to the best science and scientists in areas critical to future conservation efforts. It also emphasizes the important role science plays in the Conservancy’s conservation approach.

Science Council Members

Current Science Council members include:

Jon Paul Rodríguez, chair, Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Investigation
Gretchen Daily, Stanford University
Jonathan Foley, University of Minnesota
Steve Polasky, University of Minnesota
Mary Ruckelshaus, Stanford University
Jorge Soberon, University of Kansas

Jon Paul Rodríguez, Science Council chair

Gretchen Daily

Jonathan Foley

Steve Polasky

Mary Ruckelshaus

Jorge Soberon

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