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Gina Cosentino

Gina Cosentino

Director, Indigenous & Communal Conservation

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Indigenous Rights and Human Rights
  • Land and Natural Resource Tenure
  • Policy and Practice Reform
  • Gender and Equity
  • Indigenous Conservation Practices
  • Human Empowerment Community Partnerships and International Development
  • Governance and Livelihoods 

Gina Cosentino is a respected human rights, environmental and international development leader who works to address the rights of Indigenous peoples at the local, national and international levels. Her efforts focus on policy reform and advocacy to secure human rights and equitable access to land and natural resources. Gina’s expertise includes developing effective partnerships, capacity building, improving livelihoods, and supporting participatory approaches that strengthen the roles of Indigenous peoples in making decisions that will shape their futures and impact their lands, territories, waters and natural resources.

As Director of Indigenous and Communal Conservation at The Nature Conservancy, Gina is responsible for leading a global program aimed at achieving sustainable conservation by incorporating and respecting Indigenous knowledge, aligning conservation practices with human rights, and providing tangible benefits to people. Gina’s work supports local communities, governance and economies and encourages government and corporate practices reform, while promoting healthy ecosystems and biodiversity.

She has written extensively on Indigenous rights and the challenges facing First peoples worldwide and has made television appearances as a social and political commentator.

Previous Experience & Education:

  • Senior advisor to the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Canada
  • President, Strategix Public Affairs Network, a public affairs firm specializing in non-profit organizations, conservation, global health, international development, Indigenous, gender, children and related human rights issues.
  • Instructor, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto and Ryerson University/First Nations Technical Institute, Toronto
  • Honors graduate, York University, Toronto; Masters of Arts, University of Toronto; University of Toronto, PhD (ABD)




Gina Cosentino and Paul L.A.H. Chartrand, “Dream-Catching Mulroney Style: Aboriginal Policy and Politics in the Mulroney Era”. In R. Blake, ed. Transforming the Nation: Policy in the Era of Brian Mulroney (Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2007).


Gina Cosentino and Martin Papillon, “Lessons From Abroad: Towards a New Social Model for Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples”. Canadian Policy Research Network, Social Architecture Papers, Research Report F40, April 2004.

Gina Cosentino. “Treaty federalism: Challenging Disciplinary Boundaries, Bridging Praxis, Theory, Research and Critical Pedagogy in Canadian Political Science.” In C. Nelson and C. Nelson, eds., Racism Eh? A Critical Inter-Disciplinary Anthology of Race in the Canadian Context (Toronto: Captus Press, 2004).

Gina Cosentino

Director, Indigenous & Communal Conservation

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