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Jon Fisher

Jon Fisher

Conservation Scientist

Jon joined The Nature Conservancy’s Measures department in 2005, and developed the organization’s first ever “Activity Measures” reports documenting the state of our assessments, planning efforts, and actions worldwide. He spent several years helping the Conservancy assemble and manage our global data, as well as helping to develop information systems that make it easier to access our data online. In 2012 he moved to a conservation scientist role in the Central Science department to spend more time doing research. While his work is always evolving, he is currently the science lead for sustainable agriculture for Central Science, and coordinating our work on the role of ecosystem services in landscape planning. He is also involved in a variety of research projects including remote sensing for sustainable agriculture, improving metrics for sustainable agriculture and soil carbon, corporate sustainability and green labeling, and land change modeling.

Prior to joining the Conservancy, he worked at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying ways to diminish the risk of bird strikes at airports through improved wildlife management and bird detection radar systems. He received a master’s degree in environmental engineering (with a stream ecology focus) while researching the same topic, and simultaneous B.S. degrees in Forestry and Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences (with concentrations in ecology and physics) also at the University of Illinois.


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Jon Fisher

Conservation Scientist

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