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Blind Pilot

Hometown: Astoria, OR
Day Gig: Organic Farm Hands
Night Gig: Global Ambassadors of American Indie Folk
Environmental Concern: Sustainable Agriculture and Clean Water

Before they were playing Lollapalooza and Saquatch, before they were touring Europe with Counting Crows and The Hold Steady, Blind Pilot was a West Coast band. So in 2008 they toured from Bellingham, Washington to San Diego. Like many bands they crashed on couches, but there was no van filled with equipment. Instead, they hit the road on their bikes, towing their instruments in homemade trailers.

It would be impossible to pedal their way through their current itinerary. But spending their days on the road, or in the air, doesn't mean they've cut nature out of their tours.

"Going day after day just like driving, and get to the venue, then more driving and that'll really wear on us. But if we can just see some trees, or a river or lake, it just kind of changes the course of a tour," says drummer Ryan Dobrowski.

That's just one more reason they made Paste Magazine's list of 13 Exceptionally Green Bands. And it's yet another thing to throw on the huge pile of reasons we're proud to have Blind Pilot supporting All Hands Music.

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