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  • Carol Grant, 2009 Grand Prize Winner
    Endangered Florida manatee at the Three Sisters Spring wintering site, Crystal River, Florida.
  • Scott Anderson, 2009 Runner Up
    Burrowing owls, Brian Piccolo Park in Cooper City, Florida
  • Patrick Smith, 2009 Runner Up
    Mirror Lake, Yosemite Valley
  • Jan Forseth, 2010 Grand Prize Winner
    Mountain Goats, Mt. Evans Wilderness Area, Colorado, USA
  • Graham F. Owen, 2010 Runner Up
    Great Egret, Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Preserve, Encino, California, USA
  • Megan Lorenz, 2010 Runner Up
    Northern Saw-Whet Owl, Campbellville, Ontario, Canada
  • Bruce Leventhal, 2011 Grand Prize Winner
    Red-eyed tree frogs, Sarapiquí, Costa Rica
  • Kathleen Patricia Turner, 2011 Runner Up
    Napping bear with cubs, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA
  • Robert B. Green, 2011 Runner Up
    Bison, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
  • Jim Ridley, 2012 Grand Prize Winner
    Sandhill Crane, Wildwing Lake, Kensington Metropark, Milford, Michigan, USA
  • R. Grant Maslowski, 2012 Runner Up
    Butterfly Feast, Tambopata National Reserve, Peru
  • Christine Haines, 2012 Runner Up
    Pygmy Nuthatches, Spokane, Washington, USA
Photo Contest Winners
Grand Prize Winners and Runners Up from The Nature Conservancy's Digital Photography Contest, from 2009 - 2012

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