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  • Villagers in Nehas Liah Bing hang flags over the Seleq River in preparation for the Lom Plai (rice harvest) festival.
  • Village men carry canoes for the seksiang ritual, in which villagers participate in a "war" on the river with grass spears.
  • A villager prepares the traditional lemang – rice cooked in coconut milk, then wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked over an open flame inside bamboo overnight.
  • Village elder Ledjie Taq takes in the scene on the morning of the Lom Plai festival.
  • A young girl participates in the Peknai ritual in which villagers splash water on one another and rub soot from pots and pans on faces.
  • Ibu Tipung avoids getting splashed during the Peknai ritual.
  • Dancers perform the Hedoq dance, which asks a good spirit for blessings.
  • Pak Sam Wung patrols the Wehea Protected Forest as part of his duties as a "forest guardian."
  • Forest guardians worked with the Conservancy on an orangutan assessment, and found that the forest is home to an estimated 400 to 600 orangutans.
  • Sunrise over a forest in Borneo, Indonesia.
Nature Provides Our Resources
For the Wehea community in the heart of Borneo, nature provides food, water, shelter, medicine and ceremonial resources.

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