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  • Cabo Pulmo sits on the Gulf of California about 60 miles north of the well-known tourist area, Los Cabos.
  • Cabo Pulmo was once primarily a fishing village. Juan Castro Montaño shows photos of himself as a young man with his catch.
  • Cabo Pulmo is home to the only coral reef in the Gulf of California. In 1995, the community helped establish the Cabo Pulmo National Park.
  • The community has gradually turned its focus to ecotourism. Snorkel and dive shops take out hundreds of tourists every year.
  • Cabo Pulmo promotes sustainability in multiple ways — from a recycling and compost program to the widespread use of solar panels.
  • Fish biomass in the Cabo Pulmo National Park increased an amazing 463 percent between 1999 and 2009.
  • Cabo Pulmo residents like Judith Castro, here with her son Yerrick, are committed to protecting the community’s natural resources.
  • Cabo Pulmo National Park is the only 100% “no-take” area in the Gulf of California, which has allowed fisheries to replenish themselves.
  • Divers come from far and wide for the opportunity to swim with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark.
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The conservation of a treasured coral reef nourishes fish populations and a growing ecotourism industry.

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