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  • Mountain scenery in Yubeng, a small isolated village in the Meili Snow Mountains, Yunnan Province, China. The Meili Snow Mountain Range rises steeply between the deep gorges of the Mekong and Salween Rivers.
  • Winter ice on snow cover the falls at Blackwater Falls State Park. Blackwater Falls State Park is located in the Allegheny Mountains of Tucker County, West Virginia.
  • Springtime in Altun Mountain Nature Reserve in western China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
  • Mountain goats near Sunlight Creek, Wyoming, perch near the edge of a cliff.
  • The red fox is native to higher elevations in California and is shown here in winter forest on a snow covered slope.
  • The free-flowing St. John River in the North Woods is a river of many personalities: frozen and white in winter, serene and quiet in summer, swollen and rushing in spring.
  • Winter in the Swan Range of Montana.
  • A muledeer buck with Heart Mountain in the background, northwest Wyoming.
  • Nevado del Quindío (English: "Snowed Mountain of Quindio") is a volcano in the Andes of central Colombia.
  • Aerial view of a glacier flow in southeast Alaska.
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