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  • A herd of elk meanders between fall aspen in Wyoming. Photo © Scott Copeland
  • Fall color at The Nature Conservancy's Bear Rocks Preserve in West Virginia where a flat, windswept expanse of subalpine heath barrens opens up to the sky. Photo © Kent Mason
  • A Fox squirrel (Sciurus niger), the largest species of tree squirrel native to North America. Photo © Kent Mason
  • Close-up photo of corn from The Nature Conservancy's Dahms Tract, south of Wood River, Nebraska. Photo © Chris Helzer/TNC
  • Autumn view of the west branch of the Westfield River on the Connecticut River tributary in Chester, Massachusetts. Photo © Jerry and Marcy Monkman
  • An Osceola Turkey displays its beautiful colors and soft feathers at Disney Wilderness Preserve in Florida. Photo © David Moynahan
  • An autumn reflection in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Photo © Scott Copeland
  • Fallen leaves in creek at Dolly Sods Wilderness area of West Virginia. Photo © Kent Mason
  • Deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus) in restored prairie at The Nature Conservancy's Derr Tract south of Wood River, Nebraska. Photo © Chris Helzer/TNC
  • Foliage bursts with color at Wood Creek Pond, Norfolk, Connecticut. Photo © Alden Warner
  • Aspen woodlands in the Coniferous Forest Zone of the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico. Photo © Alan Eckert Photography
  • Amanita, fungus. © Alden Warner
  • Eastern screech owl (Megascops asio) is a small owl whose breeding habitat is deciduous or mixed woods in eastern North America. This owl was photographed in the forests of West Virginia. Photo © Kent Mason
Natural Light: Fall Essence
Rich autumn colors fill your screen in this stunning display of fall at its finest

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