UN Global Climate Change Conference – 2012

The Nature Conservancy's Activities at the Conference

This year's UN Climate "Conference of the Parties" (COP18) in Doha, Qatar (November 26th to December 7th) will help further identify and advance a set of strategies for global action to reduce carbon pollution that we hope will move the world closer to negotiating a new global agreement in 2015 (that would take effect by 2020).

The Nature Conservancy is engaged in Doha on a number of fronts, and we're providing particular expertise on policy discussions around: 1) conserving tropical forests to reduce global carbon pollution and promote forest-friendly development; 2) using natural infrastructure as an important part of solutions to reduce risk to people and property from climate impacts and natural disasters; and 3) financing future climate action in countries around the world.

Below are some of the materials that the Conservancy will be featuring and discussing in Doha.

Financing Climate Action: Check out our report on "Climate Finance Readiness: Lessons Learned in Developing Countries" (available in English and Espanol) as well as our report on "Options for Financing REDD+ in European Union Climate Policy"

Conserving Tropical Forests and Promoting Forest-Friendly Development: Check out our report on "Sharing the Benefits of REDD+: Lessons from the Field"

Reducing Coastal Risks: See what we are doing to help coastal communities reduce the risks from storms, hazards and other impacts.

People + Nature = Climate Solutions: Check out this piece describing our global work to reduce carbon pollution and help reduce climate risks to people and nature.

Responding to a Changing Climate: Read about actions we're taking to Prepare People and Nature to Respond to Changes.

The Nature Conservancy's Activities: See our list of COP18 events we will be co-hosting and/or participating in at COP18.

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