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Using science and partnerships to build a more sustainable energy future.

The way we develop and use energy is changing. Worldwide energy demand is expected to grow rapidly over the next 50 years, and new energy sources are being developed at an ever-increasing pace. While shifts in the energy landscape offer potential benefits to people and nature, they also carry new risks to natural areas and natural resources that sustain people and wildlife. 

North America is at the center of this 21st Century energy revolution, with development of new energy resources—from natural gas wells to solar farms—rapidly expanding to every corner of the continent. The Nature Conservancy brings its science-based approach to making energy development safer and more responsible, as well as to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting renewable energy. 

In its energy work, The Nature Conservancy collaborates with a diverse collection of partners in government, academia, the NGO community, business and industry to  find common sense solutions that meet society’s need for affordable energy while keeping our lands and waters healthy and productive. 

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