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Land Conservation

Places We Protect

Conservation Lands: Places We Protect (photo)

Learn more about how we are protecting vital lands that people and nature depend on.

The Nature Conservancy is working across the United States and around the world to protect vital lands that both people and nature depend on. Explore some of our key initiatives below.


Responsible Development

Wyoming, U.S.: Minimizing Habitat Loss

Eastern Steppe Grasslands, Mongolia: Guiding a Compromise

The Amazon, Brazil: Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

Empowering Indigenous

Northern Australia: Preserving the Past: Warddeken and Djelk Indigenous Protected Areas

Northern Kenya: Expanding Community-Based Conservation

The Amazon, Brazil: Empowering Communities

Investing in Nature

Boreal Forest, Canada: Where Big Timber Meets Big Conservation

Costa Rica: A Pioneering President and Hope for a Country

Montana, U.S.: Vital Connections for Wildlife

Fish River Station, Australia: Conserving Nature and Tradition

We’re Accountable

The Nature Conservancy makes careful use of your support.

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