Conservation Action

Support Your Lands and Waters

You can help support America's Great Outdoors initiative!

Thank the Obama Administration and ask for immediate action:

  1. Send an email to encourage immediate action to protect your local lands, waters or coastlines.
  2. Use these talking points in your email:

    I support the America’s Great Outdoors initiative and commend President Obama and his Administration for recognizing that we need to protect our natural world to ensure our health and that of future generations. I hope the Administration will immediately implement the recommendations outlined in its Great Outdoors report. This initiative is important to the people of (insert name of your state) because:
    • It can help ensure clean water supplies, support jobs in tourism and recreation, save working farms and ranches, and preserve the special places where our community goes hunting, fishing or just to enjoy nature.
    • It is driven by communities and encourages local people to recommend the best ways to save their lands, waters and coastlines.
    • It is aimed at preserving whole natural places, including entire forests, mountain ranges, migratory corridors and rivers.
    I urge the Administration to take action now on this initiative. Key first steps would be full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a permanent extension of conservation easement tax incentives, and support for other government programs that protect our local lands and waters (insert any that you favor). [Optional:] I also invite the Obama Administration to visit (city, state) to learn more about (insert your example of local innovative conservation).
  3. Be sure to put your name and city/town of residence at the bottom of the email, so it is clear where you are a constituent.

That's all it takes! Thank you for supporting the lands and waters we cherish and cannot live without!


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