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Places We Protect

)Fishing boats in Máncora, Peru.

Hundreds of islands and capes along the coast of Peru harbor thousands of marine birds and mammals.

Peruvian Amazon

The Amazon rainforest covers more than half of the Peruvian territory, an area rich in wildlife, indigenous culture and isolated indigenous communities.
Find out what we are doing in the Peruvian Amazon

Humboldt Current

Numbers of Humboldt penguins have dwindled as the Current faces the threats of overfishing, coastal development and climate change.
Find out what we are doing in the Humboldt Current

Lima's Watersheds

More than 9 million people rely on three important rivers for their water supply.
Find out what we are doing in Lima's watersheds

Lomas de Atiquipa

Lomas are isolated, oasis-like pockets of vegetation sprinkled throughout the Peruvian desert.
Find out what we are doing in the Lomas de Atiquipa

We’re Accountable

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