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640x250 Park Guard Valdivian Coastal Reserve

Chile's native Mediterranean vegetation survives only in increasingly isolated fragments.

From the coasts of the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean habitats in central Chile, The Nature Conservancy is working to ensure our lands and waters are protected for future generations.

For more than a decade, The Nature Conservancy works with local communities, government agencies, private corporations and members like you to conserve and restore the extraordinary and diverse natural lands of Chile – oceans and coasts, temperate forests and Mediterranean areas- in which people and wildlife depend on.

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The Humboldt Current

We are working to protect this Pacific Ocean current that sweeps along the Peruvian and Chilean coasts for nature and for people.
Find out what we are doing in the Humboldt Current

Valdivian Coastal Range

About 275,000 acres of what remains intact of the one-million-acres are now protected in several sites, including the Valdivian Coastal Reserve.
Find out what we are doing in the Valdivian Coastal Range

Mediterranean Habitat

Extremely rare, Mediterranean habitats can only be found in five places around the world—Australia, California, South Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, and central Chile
Find out what we are doing to protect Chile’s Mediterranean habitat

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