Chile Hosts Eco-Innovation Seminar

Eco-innovation was the focus of the 10th Ibero-American Meeting on Sustainable Development held in July in Chile and attended by representatives from Peru, México, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Spain. Southern Andes Conservation Manager, Maryann Ramírez, represented The Nature Conservancy at the event.

Renewable energies, water, infrastructure and solid waste were some of the topics discussed at the 10th Ibero-American Meeting on Sustainable Development held July 8-10 in Santiago, Chile. The event was organized by Spain’s Conama Foundation and included the participation of Chile’s ministries of Environment, Economy and Tourism, and the National Council of Clean Production (CPL), and the Brazilian company Itaipu Binational.

One of the main aims of the Meeting’s debates and workshops was to generate discussion between specialists, create strategies for an efficient use of water, and improve waste management models.

The Council of Clean Production invited Maryann Ramírez, Southern Andes Conservation Manager for The Nature Conservancy, to present on the work that the Conservancy is developing in the Maipo Watershed.

“It was an interesting experience that enabled us to exchange opinions, points of view, strategies and different forms of work. There was also a fruitful interchange between expositors and the public” said Maryann Ramírez.

The event will also be held in Panama September 11-12, and Brazil November 19-20. The main topic will be sustainable cities.

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