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30 Children visited the Valdivian Coastal Reserve taking part in the garbage collection campaign

30 children from the 1st music and nature camp “Alerce Coastal Park” were invited by The Nature Conservancy to enjoy the natural surroundings of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve (VCR) and to get to know the TNC conservation project. They also took part in a garbage collection campaign on the Chaihuín beach.

Children from Los Andes, Calle Larga, La Ligua, Valdivia, Corral, Isla del Rey and Cochamó enjoyed seven days of a musical camp next to the amphitheatre of the Alerce Costero National Park in Chaihuín and culminated their stay with a musical presentation at the “Noche Corraleña” festival.

In the first version of this musical camp one of the main objectives was to understand the importance of the environment through field activities, such as didactic games involving the different types of trees, night walks and garbage collection on the beach.

The idea of the camping holiday was that to create an opportunity for children to enjoy activities aimed at raising environmental awareness. “My objectives were for the children to benefit from the contact with nature, that they should get to know this reserve and really enjoye themselves” Dayana Olmos, founder and organizer of the musical camp said.

The children visited the Valdivian Coastal Reserve and admired the scenery and species under conservation through walks, videos and an informed tour around the administrative offices of the reserve. “It is a priority for the children to come into contact with nature and be environmentally conscious. When these children visit the reserve and we teach them about conservation, they become ambassadors in their homes through what they have learnt”, confirmed Dayana.

According to Isolda Muñoz, coordinator and music teacher in charge of the children from Los Andes, Calle Larga and La Ligua, they also based part of their work on the Mancera musical camp that used to take place more than 20 years ago. “These activities, like picking up garbage, teaches the children a lot more than just coming to the camp and making music. I think it makes the children grow by thinking about the environment.” This activity was carried out thanks to the support from the Rural School of Chaihuín, the Municipality of Corral, the CONAF National Forestry Corporation, the National School and Scholarship Assistance Council JUNAEB and The Nature Conservancy


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