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  • Indigenous people painting their bodies to a celebration on the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Indigenous group at Manaus, on the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Lorenzo Criollo, Cofán people’s shaman.
  • Deniziu is a graduated student of the Amazon Indigenous Training Center.
  • Cock-of-the-rock bird at Cofan indigenous land, on the Ecuadorian Amazon.
  • Indigenous people at São Félix do Xingu.
  • Young girl at school in the Indigenous land of Uaça, on the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Indigenous representatives traveling to São Félix do Xingu, on the Brazilian Amazon, to join the Indigenous Traditional Seed's Fair.
  • Indigenous community in Oiapoque, on brazilian Amazon.
  • CAFI’s student.Young indigenous student in Manaus, on the brazilian Amazon.
  • Acai harvesting on brazilian amazon.
  • Indigenous people at Indigenous Traditional Seed's Fair, on the Brazilian Amazon.
  • GPS tranining on the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Idigenous people at Feira de Sementes Tradicionais, in São Félix do Xingu.
Conserving the Amazon with indigenous people
TNC Works to conserve the Amazon forest in partnership with the local communities, helping them to manage and protect their lands.

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