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Learning about Private Conservation

In our on-going efforts to engage private landowners in Argentine Patagonia in the conservation of the zone’s valuable grasslands, expert staff from The Nature Conservancy in Wyoming traveled to Patagonia to share their vast experience in developing and implementing conservation easements. - a voluntary, legally binding agreement that limits certain types of uses on a piece of property now and in the future, while protecting the property’s ecological or open-space values-.

Paula Hunker, Associate State Director for The Nature Conservancy in Wyoming, and Kathy Browning, Conservation Project Coordinator for Wyoming, spent two weeks working with the Conservancy’s staff in Argentina, along with Richard Roddewig, nationally recognized US real estate analyst and land use attorney. The group visited a number of field sites and led a workshop on modern mapping techniques, data collection, documentation and pricing as well as the use of private conservation in different geographies. This was an important step forward in learning how to value conservation easements and explain how they could work within Argentina.

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