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A new partnership takes “sustainable grazing” one step further

At the January 2013 Outdoor Retailers tradeshow, Patagonia Inc. hosted a booth displaying products that will arrive in stores in mid-2013. One significant highlight were the products made of sustainable merino wool sourced from the sustainable grazing project in the Patagonia region of South America in partnership with Ovis XXI and The Nature Conservancy. This high-quality merino comes from ranches that apply the Grassland Regeneration and Sustainability Standard (GRASS), agreed upon by The Nature Conservancy and Ovis XXI .

According to Patagonia Inc. Environmental Product Specialist Todd Copeland, this is a first attempt at “a regenerative model… that actually improves the environment rather than one that tries to do less harm. It increases the quantity and diversity of grasses, which accommodates the whole grassland ecosystem.”

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