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  • On the schedule for the Bioblitz: 20 different activities in many locations, including surveys for birds, bats, fish, small mammals, herps, butterflies, bees, moths, aquatic species and plants for 24 hours straight.
  • 48,000-acre Red Canyon Ranch near Lander, Wyoming hosted this year’s Bioblitz, sponsored by the Conservancy, Audubon Rockies, University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute and Wyoming Native Plant Society.
  • During the Bioblitz, more than 100 teachers, youth and community volunteers collected and observed creatures while taking field notes and assessing the data alongside experts.
  • Bioblitz participants stayed up late into the night and early morning to collect data on nocturnal species like this silver hair bat.
  • The Bioblitz introduced teachers from around the state to new ways to inspire scientific inquiry.
  • A bull snake made the list of species found during the Bioblitz.
  • The Bioblitz offers a good baseline of data to determine best conservation strategies for ensuring healthy and productive lands and waters throughout the West.
  • For kids, the Bioblitz was a hands-on, interactive study of the world around them.
  • A swallowtail butterfly before being released.
  • Bioblitz participants recorded data for this Bullock’s Oriole before releasing it back into the wild.
  • Learn about Red Canyon Ranch.
Bioblitz at Red Canyon Ranch

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