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My Wisconsin Campaign
Goals and Priorities
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We invite you to join The Nature Conservancy in celebrating the successful completion of the My Wisconsin campaign, which raised more than $31.7 million for land and water conservation in Wisconsin and around the world. The campaign is already accomplishing tremendous things, and we want to thank everyone who made a gift or pledge, volunteered their time or otherwise contributed to this historic campaign for conservation.

We’re delighted to share some of the new projects and ongoing protection efforts made possible through the generosity of all who gave.

Northern Wisconsin
$2.9 million
We raised private funds to protect more than 83,700 acres at the Wild Rivers Legacy Forest and Wabikon Waters and Woodlands in northeast Wisconsin, two of the largest conservation projects in state history.

Green Bay
$1.2 million
We launched a new project that will improve the health of the wetlands, rivers and forests in the Green Bay watershed and help ensure a clean, safe water supply for people, wildlife and local economies.

Sheboygan River
$1.7 million
Building on our success in the Pecatonica River watershed, we joined with farmers and other local landowners and conservation professionals in Sheboygan County to launch a new initiative that will test a more efficient and effective way to improve water quality in area rivers and streams.

Mukwonago River
$8.8 million
The Conservancy received the largest gift for conservation in Wisconsin history from the estate of Newell and Ann Meyer. We are using their generous gift to carry out their dream of restoring wetlands and prairies and conserving the clean waters of the Mukwonago River.

Wisconsin Conservation
$14.1 million
The My Wisconsin campaign raised essential support for our science, stewardship and policy work, as well as land acquisition and preservation efforts in other priority conservation areas across the state.

Global Conservation
$3 million

Through the My Wisconsin campaign, Wisconsin supporters donated $3 million to help protect important lands and waters around the world. We asked some of them to share a few words about what motivated their international gifts.

Costa Rica
Ted Rolfs, Delafield
“It is important to support conservation in all places as each area is connected and intertwined. What good is protecting a Wisconsin prairie for migrating birds if their habitat somewhere else is destroyed?”

Wilson Islands, Lake Superior, Canada
Debbie and Bob Cervenka, Phillips
"The opportunity to be involved with the Wilson Islands was easy for us. The islands are part of the Great Lakes system and are of biological and historical importance. Our passion for conservation centers on the lakes, rivers and forests and the species they support in northern Wisconsin and Canada. What a wonderful opportunity to make a difference."

Caribbean and Coral Triangle
Ursula and Gerd Muehllehner, North Freedom
“Our daughter Nancy’s Ph.D. thesis is on the effects of increased carbon dioxide uptake by the oceans on the growth and regeneration of coral reefs, so we are aware of the tremendous effects global warming will have on marine life in many places including the Coral Triangle and the Caribbean Sea. Preserving the coral reefs for even a little while longer is worth it, and we’re pleased to be able to make a gift that will help do that.”


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