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  • Steve Meyer came upon this scene at The Nature Conservancy's Baxter Hollow Nature Preserve on a rainy day while the last mist was still hanging in the valley.
  • Kneeling in a Hartford garden while taking pictures of flowers put Judy Pannozo right at eye level with this charming Cope's gray tree frog perched on a peony.
  • Breaks in the clouds after a day of severe weather gave photographer Rob Wiener the lighting he needed to capture this striking scene along the shore of Lake Superior near Cornucopia, Wisconsin.
  • The forest floor is just as scenic as any Wisconsin landscape, as Samantha Pearson discovered while spending time in the woods with her husband in Bayfield County.
  • Michael Knapstein waited patiently for this sandhill crane to return to Tiedeman Pond in Middleton to feed just before sunset on a lovely summer evening.
  • The glass-like surface of this pond in Middleton gave Michael Knapstein the perfect setting to capture this turtle relaxing on a partially submerged log.
  • Richard Glaser was shooting the sunrise over Lake Michigan on Milwaukee's lakefront with his wife when she stepped unsuspectingly into the stream of light.
  • While kayaking on Upper Gresham Lake near Boulder Junction, the hungry cries of nearby eaglets alerted Gay Van Pelt to this majestic eagle overhead.
  • Michael Knapstein came across this dramatically-lit farmhouse outside Stoughton just before an afternoon storm.
  • Sunset calls this sandhill crane back to Tiedeman Pond in Middleton each night, giving photographer Michael Knapstein ample opportunity to capture its beauty.
  • While its parents were hunting for food, Bonnie DeLap snapped this adorable fox cub near Lake Michigan in the Racine area.
  • Balancing on a log over the stream, Steve Meyer positioned his camera right at the water's surface to capture this peaceful post-rainfall image at Honey Creek.
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