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  • For the second year in a row, LEAF interns from New York joined Wisconsin interns in the Mukwonago River Watershed where they started by exploring the preserves and learning about habitats, plants and wildlife.
  • Each day they hit the road to a Conservancy preserve to help with land management, including removing invasive species, monitoring bluebird boxes or repairing canoe racks and boat docks.
  • They learned new skills in the classroom including how to identify both native plants and non-native invasive species.
  • They took their new skills into the field…and the water. Here Maggie examines a water lily flower in Lulu Lake.
  • Teshawna takes a break from canoeing, another new skill she learned, to examine Joe-Pye weed with a magnifying hand lens.
  • It was a record-breakingly hot summer, but the interns were upbeat and positive even when removing and disposing of sweet clover on 90 degree days.
  • They quickly got the hang of using drills and other power equipment. Here Gaviota and Teshawna help with repairs at the Lulu Lake boat house.
  • The drill also came in handy in repairing the dock at Lulu Lake.
  • The LEAF interns took time out to visit the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus with their fellow LEAF interns in Illinois. We may see some of them back as Wisconsin Badgers some day!
  • It wasn’t all work for the LEAF interns. Here they sport a little French couture at Bastille Days in Milwaukee. They also got a “taste” of Wisconsin at the State Fair.
LEAF and Wisconsin Interns in Action

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