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  • Red osier dogwood practically glows along the banks of the Tieton River. Photo © Lee Trivette
  • Late afternoon light near Reflection Lake in Mount Rainier National Park. Photo © Jeff Compton
  • An elk walks through winter snows in eastern Washington. Photo © Keith Lazelle
  • Frozen buds await their spring release. Photo © Lee Trivette
  • The symmetry of a small, rolling snowball. Photo © Jeff Compton
  • Sunset colors as seen from Table Mountain in the North Cascades. Photo © Jeff Compton
  • A hungry northern pygmy-owl at the Conservancy’s Barker Mountain Preserve. Photo © Virgil Palmer
  • Ice bug! A cool frozen shape on the Tieton River. Photo © Lee Trivette
  • Backcountry skiers near Mount Baker. Photo © Jeff Compton
  • A frozen Tieton River. Note the little pillow of snow on the top of each basalt column in the background. Photo © Lee Trivette
  • A coyote on patrol in Washington’s sage country. Photo © Keith Lazelle
  • Mount Rainier as seen from a ridge near Paradise. Photo © Jeff Compton
Washington’s Wonderful White Winters

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