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  • Phil Green, Yellow Island Preserve Steward, captured a whiff of smoke from the chimney of the cabin at Yellow Island. "There's nothing like a warm cabin at sunset," he said.
  • Ecologist Julie Morse snapped this shot of visitors exploring the new restoration at Port Susan Bay Preserve in the last light of the day.
  • Ecologist Julie Morse documents visitors reflected in light and water at Port Susan Bay Preserve.
  • The road to High Camp--strong winds and blowing snow added excitement to a ski outing for staffer Jeff Compton near the Scottish Lakes in the central Cascades.
  • Bill Hinsee caught a night view of Seattle's new waterfront ferris wheel among the moonlight and clouds.
  • Staff cartographer snapped this shot of Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park, where sculptures stand proud against the sunlight.
  • Staffer Rachael Jackson and her camera looked through the trees to the coastline in Washington's Olympic National Park.
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