Fill Your Cup with Nature

There are two things everyone knows about Seattle: We have great coffee and beautiful natural surroundings. (OK, there’s also the rain…)

The point is, we have a lot to be thankful for. This holiday season, we invite you to get in the holiday spirit—Seattle style! Join us and say thanks to nature while enjoying your coffee.

People in Seattle drink more coffee than in any other American city. On average, each coffee-drinking Seattleite spends $36 a month on cups of joe! Starbucks alone churns out billions of coffee cups each year. 

Donate what you spend in a month on caffeine treats to The Nature Conservancy:

  • Maybe you spend $10 on your Americanos
  • Perhaps you buy fair-trade, bird-friendly roasted beans for $15 per pound.
  • Or maybe you spend $20 or more on eggnog lattes

Why donate now? Because nature not only provides the great coffee we love so much, it also gives us clean drinking water, farm-fresh food, outside joys like snowshoe extravaganzas and backcountry skiing and jobs all around the state. Tis the season to be merry, and give back to nature.

Just think of all the ways you can fill your cup with nature—give to the mountain bluebirds, the pygmy rabbits, the orca whales. Give to the ponderosa pines, the spruce and firs. 

So the next time you duck into your favorite coffee shop to escape a downpour, or get cozy with a warm drink, keep nature in mind. Every little bit helps. Your donation to The Nature Conservancy today helps fill your cup with nature!

We’re Accountable

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