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Eastern Washington Sagelands

Remote. Quiet. Different. The sagelands that cover much of the eastern part of our state may be Washington's least appreciated country. These lands are a world apart from more familiar forests and mountain high country. But those who take time to explore this landscape come away amazed, inspired and refreshed. It feels "big sky" vast and surprises with its intimate detail and variety.

Unfortunately, two-thirds of our sagelands have been lost, and what remains is largely degraded, isolated, and soon will not support iconic wildlife or local businesses and traditions.

With your support, we can preserve our sagelands heritage in Washington and beyond, by:

  • Connecting and restoring sagelands so that wildlife can roam free and safe.
  • Joining forces with ranchers and farmers to test new lands management strategies that improve natural conditions and their bottom line.
  • Coordinating public and private managers of arid lands to achieve a shared vision and to maximize collective conservation efforts in Washington and beyond.

By working with many partners, we can pull Washington's sagelands back from the brink and keep forever our piece of the wide open American West.



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