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  • We let them explore the fabled, flood-carved Eastern Washington landscape. To view the instagram photos, click here.
  • Moses Coulee's field station is nestled in a gorgeous landscape.
  • The sagebrush is abundant and beautiful.
  • Cory Staudacher takes a break to enjoy the view.
  • Photographers Caleb and Ariana Babcock enjoy a quiet moment alone on the trail.
  • Creative Eric Kimberlin amongst the sagebrush.
  • Ice age floodcarved coulees.
  • Going to the edge.
  • Volcanic basalt rocks contrast with the beautiful wildflowers.
  • Creative and Avid Rock climber Forest Eckley explores Moses Coulee's formation.
  • Photographer Bethany Olson feels the wind along the ridge.
  • Eastern Washington wants to be explored.
  • Modern day adventurers.
  • Photographers Don Macanlalay, Caleb Babcock and Ben Schuyler explore David's trail at Moses Coulee Preserve.
  • Photographer and Creative Kari Davidson captures a memory on the ledge.
  • View from below
  • Photographer and Creative Travis Gillett snaps a photo of Cory Staudacher on his way up the ridge from the field station.
  • Photographers Travis Gillett, Cory Staudacher and Bethany Olson work their magic on the top of Moses Coulee.
  • Exploring the landscape with a sense of adventure.
  • Photographer and Designer Erik Hedberg of Moment lenses snaps a shot of Jameson Lake.
  • The history of this place is prevalent at every corner.
  • The sagebrush glows as the sun sets.
  • Perfect parking.
  • The wind between the canyons makes the dust golden under the sun.
  • Photographer and Creative Eric Kimberlin searches for the perfect spot to watch the sunset.
  • Photographer Bethany Olson is hypnotized by the golden hour.
  • Sunsets on the Eastern Washington landscape are breathtaking.
  • Photographer and coffee aficionado Ben Schuyler gets lost in the sunrise at Moses Coulee.
  • Conservancy scientists have developed cutting-edge methods to combat the non-native and highly flammable cheat-grass weed, by working with farmers and local community.
Instagram X Moses Coulee
Washington's top creatives and photographers explore the 33,000 acre Moses Coulee Preserve.

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