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  • Khadijah Michael, Tiffany Smith, Tiana Cruz and Erin Chalmers attended the Samish Bay Bivalve Bash to learn about shellfish and clean water in Puget Sound.
  • The Low-Tide Mud Run is a tradition at the annual Samish Bay Bivalve Bash.
  • LEAF intern Tiana Cruz, 16, competed in the Low-Tide Mud Run.
  • Tiana Cruz rests after finishing the race.
  • LEAF mentor Erin Chalmers also competed in the mud run.
  • LEAF intern Khadijah Michael tries raw oysters with members of Washington's Next Generation, a Conservancy group of young professionals.
  • Tiana Cruz also tried raw oysters.
  • LEAF mentor Erin Chalmers smiles for the camera.
Bivalve Bash & Mud Run
Washington's LEAF interns partake in a Puget Sound tradition.

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