• A young Vic Scheffer (right) with his father, Theophilus (Theo) Scheffer, on a collecting trip through Hell’s Canyon in 1927. Vic credited his father for both his interest in wildlife and his long life. Theo Scheffer, a biologist for the U.S. Bureau of Biological Survey, lived to the age of 99.
  • Junior biologist Victor B. Scheffer leaves Lake Cushman in September, 1935.
  • A postcard home from one of Dr. Scheffer’s many collecting trips in 1964.
  • Dr. Scheffer was a gifted photographer as well as a writer. Here he is photographing murres on Alaska’s St. Andrews Island in 1967.
  • Vic Scheffer holding a seal pup. Note: Dr. Scheffer was a professional. Do not try this at home.
  • Dr. Victor (Vic) Scheffer looks out across the Mima Mounds of south Puget Sound. Scheffer urged protection of this geological phenomenon. When they were threatened by development, The Nature Conservancy was able to step in and purchase the land. This place is protected today as the state’s 445-acre Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve.
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