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Wildcat Mountain Audio Tour

Just a few hours drive from metro DC, Wildcat Mountain Natural Area is the oldest TNC preserve in Virginia. With altitudes ranging from 1,200 feet near the top of the mountain to a low point of 500 feet, this predominantly steep and hilly preserve features a broad range of habitats. Typical wildlife of the region flourish here, especially red and gray fox, bobcat, deer, skunk, gray and fox squirrel, raccoon, and small mammals. Black bears wander through occasionally and 186 species of birds have been recorded in the preserve.

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Getting Started

Visit the preserve page to plan your visit and then download the audio tour map (PDF). The numbers marked on the map correspond to the audio files in the tour. You can select each track from the audio player or download the files to your mobile device. Remember - some of our secluded preserves are spectacular, but you may not get cell service. We recommend you download the recordings and maps before you visit. Enjoy!

Downloadable Files (mp3 format)

Audio tours 1 - 6

Audio tours 7- 13

NOTE TOUR STOP 10: The Smith House is now closed to the public due to safety concerns.  Please abide by the posted No Trespassing signs.

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