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Mid-Atlantic Seascape

#OurOcean, Your Voice

The Nature Conservancy’s Campaign for Our Ocean encourages you to think about everything the sea provides for nature and people.

From recreation and tourism to shipping and fishing, our ocean is many things to many people.  What does it mean to you?  Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter, and we'll post them below.  Don't forget to use the hashtag #OurOcean!  Tell us why you care about the ocean and all the ways that you enjoy, depend on, and benefit from it. 

"I love #OurOcean for all the senseless beauty and the mystery design woven into its crazy quilt cradle of life.  I also love the way #OurOcean pays so many bills, from my house payments to global carbon bank deposits, and so much more."

- Jay Odell, Mid-Atlantic Marine Program Director

"I love the sounds of the ocean."

- Kris S.

"The healing powers and underwater life."

- Karen S.

"All the different life!! There's so many different species, and there's just so much more to discover."

- Chelsea L.


- Barbara P.

"On the beach watching the ocean and eating Thrashers Fries."

- Jan N.

"It provides an environment for such a myriad of sealife, and keeps my brother the scuba diver endlessly entertained."

- Cyane W.

"People watching! The breeze, the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the sunrise/sunsets and the sound of the seagulls!"

- Irma M.


- Lisa H.

"The smell, the sound, the majesty!"

- Marsha S.

"It calms me with the motion and the sounds. The tide rolling in and out the waves, the lapping of the water against the shore. My serenity. I'm Pieces that's why."

- Gail W.

"Ocean gives calmness and takes away anxiety."

- Lynne M.

"The sound of the waves rolling splash on the beach."

- Mitzy H.

"The boardwalk at VA Beach is my favorite."

- Judy W.


- Dan G.

"The sound of peacefulness."

- Nora H.

"I love the mysteries of the deep."

- Kathryn P.

"All oceans are our source of life."

- Marie H.

"I love scuba diving in #OurOcean."

- Martha R.

"I love #OurOcean's briny smell and crashing waves and wondering what's on the other side of the horizon."

- Whitney Hall

"I love #OurOcean because it's home to lots of animals!"

- Kate Arion

"I love everything about the ocean. In the Coast Guard, we get to see different sides of the ocean. We see nice slow rollers, real peaceful days. We also see storms, big seas. That's what we live for."

- Petty Officer Tomlin, Station Ocean City

On fishing in our ocean: "If I get lucky, I carry something home to the table. If not, I just come back and try again."

- William

"Gazing into the vast depth or into the endless horizon, I wonder about the mystery that it is....and I care about the life that calls it home....the ocean deserves all the respect that we mere mortals can bestow."

- Melissa C.

"Everything! The ocean life, the seafood, the recreation, the travel! #OurOcean is essential!"

- MOM's Organic Market

"#OurOcean is not just a vacation spot, it is a vital ecosystem."

- Catie L.

"Sun tanning"

- Nora H.

"Sun, fun, swimming, and serenity."

- Denise P.

"Came to area in 1969 had my first blue crab and have had Protect the Bay plates ever since!!"

- Lloyd L.

"It stabilizes the weather, and if we don't fish every last fish first, can, with management, feed a lot of people."

- Mary H.

Explore additional stories about #OurOcean and learn how the Conservancy and our partners are improving the science and decision-making related to its management. Working together, we can understand how to use our ocean without using it up.


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