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Fraser Preserve Audio Tour

Fairfax County, Virginia’s Fraser Preserve boasts about 110 species of birds, including the bald eagle, and 300 varieties of wildflowers. A short hike offers glimpses of the many natural habitats found in the Piedmont region: fast, clear streams, mature hardwood forests, steep rocky bluffs, springs and seeps, and various stages of old field succession. The terrain slopes down to the Potomac River, which forms the preserve's northern boundary.

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Getting Started

Visit the preserve page to plan your visit and then download the audio tour map (PDF). The numbers marked on the map correspond to the audio files in the tour.  Next, download the files to your mobile device. Remember - some of our secluded preserves are spectacular, but you may not get cell service. We recommend you download the recordings and maps before you visit. Enjoy!

Downloadable Files (mp3 format)

Audio tours 1 - 9

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